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PHP Design Patterns 1: Command / Command Bus

This is the first of a few different blog posts related to Design Patterns in PHP. In this post we will explore how to use the Command Bus pattern as well as why you might want to use the pattern. I will briefly touch o…

PHP Implementing Basic Cors in Slim3

CORS, the bane of every web-dev existence. It's a pain to deal with so let me give you some boilerplate that will make it just work. CORS First off, Slim doesn't come with CORS support at all, but it does give you th…

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If you have a project that you want to make beautiful, let me know! I work with a lot of different designers professionally and I can find the right now for you. Do you want to be completely hands off? I can manage your…

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PHP Use Autowiring with Slim3

In this post; I will show you how to use a middleware to create an object inside of PHP-DI for your Action classes to use. One of the most annoying things I have ever found is that Security Code pops-up everywhere. Addi…