Dynamic Menu in Bolt

When I setup this site, I really wanted to try out bolt. I am really glad I chose this over Wordpress for many reasons, but one reason above all else. The community. Take today for instance, I wanted to modify my bolt install.

Bolt has a somewhat hardcoded menu system which at very was great. But once I started using it, it's a bit of a pain. After every blog post I would have to and update the menu. Surely there was to be a better way.

Dynamic Menu

In our Menu.yml

    - label: PHP Articles
      path: pages
          contenttype: pages
          taxonomytype: chapters
          taxonomy: php
      class: last

And we need to modify our _sub_menu.twig

         {% set list = [] %}
         {% if item.list|default(false) %}
            {% setcontent listedcontent = item.list.contenttype where {(item.list.taxonomytype) : (item.list.taxonomy)} %}
            {% for listitem in listedcontent %}
                {% set list = list|merge([{title: listitem.gettitle(), link: listitem.link, label: listitem.gettitle()}]) %}
            {% endfor %}
            <ul class="dropdown">
                {% for submenu in list %}
                    {{ display_menu_item(submenu, loop) }}
                {% endfor %}
        {% else %}
            <ul class="dropdown">
                {% for submenu in item.submenu %}
                    {{ display_menu_item(submenu, loop) }}
                {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}


Now all new posts tagged with my PHP taxonomy will now show up in my wonderful pretty menu!

Written by Glenn Eggleton on Wednesday February 24, 2016
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