Skelly - Admin Dashboard Skeleton

So at work I have been writing an admin dashboard for the project that I am working on and I felt that it was solid enough to try to replicate it as a template so that I can use it for freelancing.

Introducing Skelly

Source Code:

It's still in it's infancy but I think over the next few days it will be fleshed out enough to warrant a public repo on GitHub. More or less this mimics the structure and packages that I use on a daily basis at Mobials. The only thing that I don't use is Doctrine Annotated Entity classes, and I am using them in Skelly just because I didn't feel like writing a bunch of YML or XML. It's also nice enough to be able to just quickly modify an entity class (ha theres only 1 at the moment) and update the DB schema.

What's it for?

Skelly is meant to get you up and running within 10 minutes.

  1. Login Functionality
    1. Resetting Password
  2. Twig Layout Structure
  3. Vue.JS code
  4. CLI Utilities to seed the base database
  5. All of the SH**Y config done for you
  6. Use PHP-DI so you don't have to bother with Wiring All the Things
  7. It uses Mailgun as a default adapter, but you can use whatever you want. Just swap out the Adapter, *hint hint theres an interface for wrapping your thing of choice*

I guess it's my attempt at something that is a bit, full-frameworky but in the traditional Slim approach where you can just replace anything you want (the only thing you probably wouldn't want to replace is TWIG and Doctrine).

Next Steps

I'm going to continue working on Skelly, slow march to v1 release. I am really hoping to get that done by the next of October (2 weeks away, yikes!). I welcome any suggestions/feedback on feature sets that you might want so please feel free to Tweet at me your ideas or open up some issues on GitHub


Written by Glenn Eggleton on Tuesday October 17, 2017
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